news / WATCH: Giants' Odell Beckham hosts a football clinic and a dance party breaks out

EAST RUTHERFORD - Showing off his new Michael Jackson tattoo which he revealed on Instagram last week, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. flew from the Coachella Music Festival to New Jersey to host a youth football clinic at MetLife Stadium on Monday night.

After running drills with the Van Cortlandt Titans and the Cardinals of Staten Island, the New York Giants' wide receiver was challenged buy one of the Titans alums, Henryck Rodriguez, 20, to show off his dance steps. After a few brief moves from Rodriguez, Beckham thrilled the kids with some moves of his own.

Beckham also answered questions from the kids on subjects from Coachella (thumbs up) to his opinion of the Dallas Cowboys (thumbs down). He then posed for pictures and hit the road while refusing to answer questions from a small handful of reporters.

Meanwhile in the Giants front office, general manager Jerry Reese and his staff are preparing for next week's NFL draft in Philadelphia.



John Munson | | April 18, 2017