news / Odell Beckham Jr. Wants Eli to Lead Him to Postseason Play

Through Odell Beckham Jr’s first two seasons, he’s left his mark on the league, to say the least. From breaking records to making impossible catches to fighting kicking nets. However, there’s one major thing missing on his resume and that’s an appearance in the playoffs. Currently, the Giants are sitting pretty with a record of (6-3), which has OBJ anxious.

“I love where we’re at right now. I can feel it already — thinking about being in those moments. You work for those big moments. What else are you playing for? I love those moments. That’s what you work for.”

How does OBJ expect to get there?

Two words: Eli Manning.

“I tell (Eli Manning) all the time when we’re on the field: ‘Just lead us. Take me there,'” Beckham detailed, per the New York Post. “He’s been there.

The Giants play host to the Chicago Bears tomorrow.



Mark Gunnels | | November 19, 2016