news / Odell Beckham Jr. Staying to Train at Facilities

 With several weeks left before they are due back for training camp, the Giants are out and about enjoying what's left of their vacation time.

As you can imagine, most of their lives are spent playing football and entertaining the masses, so they deserve a bit of off-time as do the rest of us.
But for some, off-time is better utilized in the weight room, bulking up and enjoying to summer heat out on the field.

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the few who decided to stay at the training facility and continue onward. For all of the media outlets that depicted OBJ as an immature player, there's no indication that he runs parallel to those allegations.

Yes, he's fiery and emotional, but in the end every great player has that spark and fire inside of them.

That's what makes them great, and so far, he's handled the stardom quite well. 

OBJ posted a video of him working out while absent from OTAs, which proves he wasn't just enjoying the summer sun, but grinding in the blistering heat.  You cannot deny that he is a workhorse, and is always journeying towards improvement. The man is a super-athlete, and he sure acts like one. 


Source: Scout | Alexander Wilson | June 20th, 2017