news / Odell Beckham Jr. says one-handed catch against Cowboys 'changed my life forever'

In 2014, a November matchup against the Dallas Cowboys Odell Beckham Jr. stunned the sports world with one of the single greatest catches in NFL history. The celebrated catch was deemed a spectacle, quickly propelling the rookie into the spotlight.
Two years later, the sight of his jersey can still ignite a play-by-play of the 43-yard TD. Although OBJ does not want to be defined by that moment, it undoubtedly paved the way toward stardom.

The star WR has enjoyed a number of memorable plays since then, becoming an offensive assassin for the New York Giants. However, the thrill of his signature play did not diminish. His one-handed catch has evolved into an exciting part of his pre-game routine, to the delight of thousands at MetLife Stadium.
With an overwhelming focus on the team's playoff potential this season, OBJ rarely had time to reminisce, telling reporters that he did not realize Wednesday marked the anniversary. Although he dismissed the significance of the day, he recognized the depth of his career-changing catch.

"I really just think about how it changed my life forever. In a sense, it kind of put a shadow over everything else. It is a moment that happened and it was a good moment for me. I think about it in retrospect but not really on a daily basis," Odell Beckham Jr. said.



Sara Eljouzi | | November 26, 2016