news / Odell Beckham Jr: It’s Time for Offense to ‘Close the Game Out’

The New York Giants are in the middle of a five-game winning streak and much of it has to do with the play of the defense. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. said it is time for the offense to step up and close the game out.

The Giants have won many close games due to strong defensive stands in the fourth quarter. Beckham Jr. believes the offense needs to step up and take the pressure off of the defense.

"They’re doing a tremendous job of closing out games," said Beckham Jr. "It’s time for the offense to take steps and close a game out for them."

The offense has come together since the Giants returned from their Week 8 bye but they still haven't put together a complete game. The running game has picked up but the Giants have yet to score 30 points.

They have scored enough to win games, which is encouraging, but knowing that the offense hasn't reached it's full potential gives Beckham Jr. hope for what is to come in the future.

"We know that we haven’t played to our full potential. We’re still coming away with wins," said Beckham Jr. "We just need to step it up in each and every way. Put games away when they need to be put away."

The Giants have a great opportunity to get the entire offense on track in Week 12 when they take on the Cleveland Browns. The Browns own one of the worst defenses in the NFL and it has led to their 0-11 record.

Beckham Jr. and the rest of the Giants aren't worried about being the first team to lose to the Browns. They are treating it like another game and are simply focusing on themselves and what they need to do.

"I think our focus is on winning. Not really not giving a team a win," said Beckham Jr. "I think our goal and focus is solely on the New York Giants and what we have to do."



Kevin Hickey | | November 23, 2016