news / Odell Beckham has helped the Giants receivers behind the scenes

Odell Beckham Jr. often gets miscast as a selfish player, but that couldn't be more untrue for the fourth-year New York Giants star wide receiver.

Despite being placed on injured reserve after fracturing his ankle in Week 4, Beckham continues to be a highly-motivational teammate and a guide for the Giants' young wide receiver corps during his absence. According to his teammates, Beckham has been a highly valuable teammate and very important to the team's recent success, according to The Post. Second-year wide receiver Roger Lewis, who made a Beckham-esque catch in overtime to help propel the Giants to a 12-9 upset victory over the Chiefs, has drawn advice and admiration from Beckham.

“I get a lot advice from Odell,’’ Lewis said Tuesday, via The Post. “He’s not just a top receiver in the league, he’s a captain in our [receivers] room, he’s a leader in our room. So whenever I get to talk to ‘13’ it’s a blessing.

“He’s like my brother. He reaches out to us almost every day. He makes sure we’re good mentally and spiritually. He’s a special guy, so when he reaches out, something good happens.’’

Lewis reached out to Beckham in the form a shoutout on Twitter shortly after making the game-winning reception in Week 11. It's clear that Lewis respects and appreciates all that Beckham does for him and his other Giants teammates.

Tavarres King also gives credit to Beckham for his leadership despite being lost for the season and for his ability to help build the receivers' confidence.

“It’s super powerful,’’ King said. “I’ve said before that ‘O’ is a powerful positive presence in this locker room, on the field and off the field. Having him here on our side is huge. He’s just a good leader, somebody you listen to, a student of the game.’’

Not a single wide receiver on the Giants offense knows Eli Manning's tendencies better than Beckham and not a single wide receiver knows Ben McAdoo's offensive scheme better than Beckham. He's the perfect player to serve as a coach for the young receivers trying to come up and that's exactly what he's doing.

Beckham is now in the building daily and working with the young wide receiver corps at a similar rate.

Rudolph said Beckham “talks to us every day,’’ adding, “The main thing he tells me is to go out there and be me and don’t overthink it, that it’s still football. He said I have what it takes to play in this league and to play with confidence.’’

Beckham wasn't as surprised as some Giants fans when Lewis made his ridiculous acrobatic game-winning reception, because he's seen Lewis do it in practice, but he did dole out some more advice:

He told me, ‘Keep going. Don’t stop. You’ve always been able to do this, now it’s time to transition it into the games. Stay in it,’’’ Lewis said. “That’s huge. That’s like a brother of mine, and I can reach out to him any time. He never steers me in the wrong direction.’’

Beckham's confidence is now starting to wear off on Lewis.

“I feel like I’m getting into more of a rhythm, and now I’ve been able to showcase it in a game,’’ he said. “If I’m in a game and I catch a pass like [the 34-yarder against the Chiefs] it puts me in that mode like, ‘All right, it’s time to go.’ And once I get in that mode, I don’t think anybody can to stop it.’’

Some in the NFL media world love to paint Beckham as a villain, but reality and first-hand accounts show him as one of the best teammates in the NFL and one of the hardest workers in practice. The Giants are lucky to have landed one of the NFL's top assets and now they need to do whatever they can to hold on to him.

Source: 24/7 Sports | Dan Shneier | November 22, 2017