news / New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. Learning to Lead by Example

There are not many things that New York Giants' wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. cannot do on the football field. He has done some incredible things over his two-year career. In that short career, Beckham has already broken several NFL records. What he has done for the Giants since he arrived in 2014 has been nothing short of spectacular, but now he could be giving the team more as he begins to learn how to lead by example.

It is well known that Beckham is the cornerstone of the Giants' offense and is one of the best wide receivers in the game but he has become more than that as he approaches his third year. Beckham has become a leader both within the wide receiver group and the entire team. Many on the team look up to him and he has learned to embrace the leadership role.

"I am not a very vocal leader, I kind of lead by action, so if you're not really out there leading by action, there are days where I have to grow up myself and still get something out of it," said Beckham. "Whether I'm helping a younger guy out and just talking more amongst the group and really just focusing on doing as much as I can each and every day."

Beckham becoming a leader will only help his on-field play. This could help him cope with the few times that he may struggle on the field because he is becoming more mature as a player and as a person. He is becoming a good role model for the younger players, especially for a guy like rookie Sterling Shepard.

"He's going to be a phenomenal player. He can run routes, he can catch, he pretty much can do it all so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him develop," said Beckham. "He was definitely a steal."

The 23 year-old is already in the conversation as the best receiver in football but it is important that he also improves his mental game as he develops. His rapid success makes Beckham seem like he has it figured out but players are always learning new things as they grow.

Beckham's success could continue to grow as the Giants have added more weapons on offense. The 2016 season could finally be the year that Beckham breaks the 100-reception threshold. In 2014 and 2015, he had 91 and 96 receptions, respectively. With Shepard on the field, defenses will not be able to put all of their attention on Beckham, thus he can draw more one-on-one match-ups. If Victor Cruz can stay on the field, this can really improve Beckham and the Giants.



Kevin Hickey | | June 25, 2016