news / Friend and Foe: Beckham and Bryant’s Close Bond Makes a Special Rivalry

Another week, another juicy showdown between Odell Beckham Jr. and an elite wide receiver.

This edition features a particularly special showdown for the Giants as a whole, as they host their longtime rival Cowboys, and Beckham, who will be going against Dez Bryant, with whom he shares a unique bond.

The first thing these two share is obvious – Beckham and Bryant are two of the most athletically gifted, talented wide receivers in the NFL. That translates to another common bond – the adversity they constantly face.

For wide receivers who dazzle on an every-game basis, it’s not the defensive backs they spend time talking about. It’s adversity they endure off the field that makes it so easy for these two stars to empathize with one another.

All professional athletes receive their fair share of criticism, but OBJ and Bryant are all too familiar with the media clinging to their every word. Bryant commented on the connection they share.

“I think people don’t do a good enough job of finding out who we really are as people. I know him very well. The guy loves the game. He wants to win. That’s his whole attitude, and I feel like there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s kind of hard to understand something that you never experienced, and a lot of people never experienced the things that he has. I feel like – just misunderstood, and that’s something that we have to continue to channel and learn how to put it out there.”

So while they Beckham and Bryant revel in their rivalry as a chance to showcase their talents against one another, they can appreciate having someone that can relate.

In fact, Bryant had spoken to Beckham Tuesday night, as the two get ready to suit up and play round two. “Hey, give them a show. That’s it. Don’t ever stop being you.”

While he added with a smile that he’d rather Beckham wait until after their Week 14 game to do that (which Giants fans can take pleasure in knowing that won’t be the case), the message was all love.

The Cowboys only have on loss this since and it was at the hands of OBJ and the Giants. If Beckham gives the fans at MetLife Stadium the show we’re all expecting, then Big Blue may very well hand them Cowboys their second loss of the season.



Brian Parchmann | December 9, 2016