news / Brandon Marshall on Odell Beckham Jr.: ‘Best athlete that I have ever seen’


Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. have had only limited opportunities to work together this offseason, but the impression that Beckham has made on his veteran teammate has been remarkable.

“He is truly a freak,” Marshall said Thursday after the Giants’ OTA practice. “I didn’t get it from afar. I just thought, yeah, he has Eli Manning and they are throwing the ball to him every single time, of course he is going to catch the ball. Then he had the one-handed catch that kind of put him on the scene. But this kid is the real deal. He is special and he is a freak.”

“I just watch everything that he does,” Marshall said. “One day we were in the weight room and he was hanging from the bars with one hand and then fell and caught himself with the other hand on the floor. I know you can’t follow what I am saying, but for him to have that type of body control is just unbelievable. He is probably the best athlete that I have ever seen. I mean, he can kick a soccer ball, he can kick a football, he can throw a baseball, he can hit a baseball.”




Tom Rock | | May 25, 2017