news / Beckham’s One-Handed Grab Seals Win Over Lions

The New York Giants put up another convincing 17-6 win at home, this time over the Detroit Lions. Once again, the G-Men stepped up to a tall task – the NFC foe held the same 9-4 record as the Giants – and improved to 10-4, adding some security to the Giants’ chances of making the playoffs.

This win was a big one for a number of reasons other than the obvious one that the postseason is within arm’s reach.

On the offensive end, the Giants continue show flashes of versatility and the team’s depth. WR Sterling Shepard capped off the first drive of the game with a 6-yard catch for a touchdown. That drive set the tone and kept the home crowd roaring for all 60 minutes of play.

Then, it was Odell Beckham Jr. continued to prove that he’s up to the challenge of making big plays on a consistent basis. With just under six minutes left in the game, Beckham turned in a four-yard touchdown catch to put the Giants by more than a touchdown.

It was another signature one-handed grab for OBJ to add to his resume. Sprinting towards the sideline on an out route, Beckham stretched out his hand to pull the ball into his body, secure it, and stay inbounds.

“It just kind of happens,” Beckham said after the game when asked about his one-handed grab. “You practice it… You practice it… That’s why you practice right hand layups, you practice left hand layups so, I don’t know, it just worked out.”

While Beckham’s one-handed grabs are almost half-expected with the absurd regularity he pumps out such plays, the Giants’ secondary continues to show that elite defense is also something that can be expected, coming up with turnovers on multiple occasions when Detroit was in scoring position.

Sunday’s win over the Lions means that Big Blue is still has an opportunity to take the NFC East. Though the Cowboys also won Sunday, they’ve yet to clinch the division. Dallas even did the G-Men a small service by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who fall to 8-6, which has given New York a little extra wiggle room moving forward.



Brian Parchmann | December 19, 2016