news / Beckham Holds the Key to Breaking Detroit’s Defense

No team has managed to even put up 20 points against the Detroit Lions since Week 8 when they visited the Houston Texans. Not so coincidentally, the Lions have yet to suffer a loss since that same week.

If there’s any player in the NFL that will force a defense to toss out a game plan, it’s Odell Beckham Jr. After single-handedly beating the Dallas Cowboys last week with a 61-yard touchdown run for the ages, OBJ looked like he had enough in the tank to do it a few more times.

Beckham has (at least) matched his 94-yard game against the Cowboys in four of the Giants’ last five games. He’s also found the end zone four times in that stretch.

What may be the Lions’ biggest advantage over Beckham is that New York’s star receiver has been battling a thumb injury.

“It’s a line between wanting to get better and also trying to protect your thumb for right now,” Beckham said, regarding the injury. “Because you can’t keep taking too much contact to it for right now, until it’s game time. Just trying to find a way.”

Though the thumb is an issue coach Ben McAdoo and his staff will monitor closely, it’s unlikely to play any factor, as Beckham and his fellow G-Men see the playoffs growing closer and closer.



Brian Parchmann | December 15, 2016