news / Odell Beckham Jr. Won't Back Down From Richard Sherman

The New York Giants are heading into a very difficult game against the Seattle Seahawks this week, but rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is ready for the contest. He will likely be facing star cornerback Richard Sherman. He is ready to go up against him and has no plans of backing down.
Beckham has had to step up since Victor Cruz went down for the season with an injury, and finally came through with a big game against the Indianapolis Colts this past week. He caught eight passes for 156 yards, but was unable to get into the end zone. Eli Manning will continue throwing Beckham’s way, and the young wide receiver will continue improving with more playing time and confidence.

It will be fun watch him go up against Sherman this week, and to see what type of numbers he is able to come away with as well.

There aren’t many receivers out there that have the type of big play ability that Beckham has and he also possesses great athleticism and big hands. His speed is what sets him apart and Manning is beginning to gain more trust in him now that he has been on the field and playing a big role over the last few weeks.

Don’t expect him to come through with a monster game against the Seahawks, but he’ll do everything that he possibly can. New York is sitting at 3-5 on the season and simply don’t look to have much of a chance at the playoff. They have done crazier things though and the Giants simply can’t ever be counted out.

Sherman will likely take those comments from Beckham personally, and you can expect to hear him talking quite a bit and out to prove a point once again.

By Evan Massey | | November 5, 2014