blog / Winning Is The Bottom Line

There’s lots of talk, at this time of year and with a team with our record, that centers around whether or not we will clinch a playoff spot. If we can go out this week, things fall our way and we can clinch a playoff spot - that would be great. When we take the field on Thursday, clinching is not our focus. Our single focus against the Eagles is to win the game. If we can win and it works out that we clinch a playoff spot, that would be great. In our locker room, winning is the bottom line.

It was great that we got the win against the Lions on Sunday. Detroit did a great job against us in keeping us away from the big play. They kept two safeties over the top almost all game long. They forced us to be patient while we worked our short passing game to get down the field. We were able to hit them for a TD late in the fourth quarter. We ran a corner route, Eli hit me in stride and I was able to spear the catch with one hand for the TD. Even when teams try to take away what we do best, we will find a way to get the win.

We expect much from the same from the Eagles tomorrow night. We know they are going to try to take away the big play and keep us frustrated all night. We just have to stay patient and do what it takes to get the win, because at this point - winning is all that matters.