blog / Waking Up

Sunday night was an amazing game to be a part of. For us to come out and go blow to blow with the best team in the NFC was a big moment for us. I love that we were able to show the world that we can win in a number of different ways. Sunday night our defense shut down Dallas and won us that game. The press likes to hype our offense, but those guys on the other side of the ball are a championship caliber defense.

The Cowboys D had a great game plan for us on Sunday. They kept us bottled up and frustrated for most of the night by taking us away from what we wanted to do. My inability to impact the game was starting to affect me on the field. It eats me up to not be productive when I’m on the field. It just kills me to be able to come out and not do what you're supposed to be doing. I just had to talk to myself.

I kept saying, “You need to wake up. I don't know what's going on with you, but you need to wake up. You're on autopilot. You're not out there affecting this game. You're not really doing anything."

I talked to the man above and said, “Wake me up. It's time to wake up.” And sure enough, we came to life.

Late in the 3rd quarter we ran a quick slant and Eli hit me perfectly in stride. I turned upfield and opened up as fast as I possibly could. As I was sprinting to the end zone I could feel Cowboys CB Brandon Carr right on my back and it felt like he was running faster than I’ve ever felt someone chase me. I knew I had to hit another gear. Racing into that end zone was an amazing feeling.

I was glad we could take our D’s hard work and give them a boost with a big play. We keep unearthing more and more of what this team is made of. I think we are showing that there’s a championship team deep down in us.