blog / Patience Pays Off

People talk about numbers in our sport a lot. There was a lot of talk before the game about me being the fastest player to 3,500 career receiving yards. I am glad that I was able to reach that number because I set the bar for myself very high. Honestly, personal stats and records are secondary for me right now. The only number that matters to me is 6 - we have never had a 6-3 record since I have been with the Giants. The only number I’m set on raising is the number of wins we get this year.

I’m proud of what we were able to do on the field against the Bengals. Things gelled for us top to bottom. Our play calling was on point all night. Our three phases of the game - offense, defense, special teams - executed well through the whole game to help us come out on top.

We were able to be patient on offense all game long. Cincy was set to take away the the big play all game long, so we worked the short game well. Eli was on point all g as he did a great job of finding open guys and allowing us to make plays. My TD at the end of the first half was the picture of how our night went. Eli dropped back, the O line gave him plenty of time, I hit the corner with a double move and then Eli dropped a dime in the back of the end zone for the touchdown. Patience and execution earned the win for us on Monday night.

Six wins. Four straight. Those numbers are what we are focused on. Things are coming together for us and confidence is building. We keep seeing ourselves growing and we are set to go hard for the second half of this season. The sky’s the limit for us this year and I am excited to see where the season takes us.