blog / Locking Up The Playoffs

I’m am super excited that we were able to lock up our spot in the playoffs last week. I had no doubt we were going to do that because this is the best team I have played on since I have been with the Giants. That was one of our goals that we started the season with and now we can check that off the list.

Our next goal is built around our next game: beat Washington. We have to keep taking that “next up” mentality as we move into the playoffs. We all know that the Skins are going to leave everything out there with a playoff spot on the line this week. We have to go out there with just as much intensity so that we can find a way to win.

There’s been a lot of noise from the outside about certain player matchups against the Skins or Pro Bowl selections or playoff scenarios. We are not focused on any of that. We are solely focused on the 53 guys on this team and what we need to do to be successful. That’s what drives us. That’s all we’re focused on.

I cannot wait to be able to finish this season on a high note. I am all about the chance to compete and Week 17 is another chance for me to go out and help my time win. Let’s do this Giants Nation. See you Sunday!!