blog / Always The Right Timing

Talk about perfect timing. To have my injury along with the travel to London and back, our bye week came at the right time. It was great to have a week to rest and to get worked on. I feel like my body is almost completely back to normal as we get ready for the Eagles on Sunday.

We have our work cut out for us as we square up against Philly. They have a very talented pass rush, so we have to be aware of that as we run our offense. Everything that we do on Sunday needs to be effective and quick. We are going to need to run the ball so that we can wear down their pass rushers. All of us wide outs need to get open with our route running and try to make quick hits in our passing game. We are going to try to change up our looks offensively to make it more difficult on their D and that will hopefully open things up for us.

Their defense has some studs on the line. Brandon Graham has an incredible ability to turn his speed into power and blow plays up. Fletcher Cox has a rare talent to play almost anywhere in their front seven. One of his best assets is that you never know where he is coming from. Their safeties, Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins, can lay you out if you come across the middle. We’re keeping our eyes on them come Sunday.

I am ready to do whatever it takes to help us get this win against the Eagles. We’ve put a lot of work in these past couple of weeks and are ready to get back out on the field. Hope you guys are ready to see a battle on Sunday at the Met. I know that Giant Nation is ready to show up loud and change this game with your energy. See you guys soon!!