blog / A Win Is A Win

Some people might describe our game on Sunday as “winning ugly.” For me, all I know is a win is a win regardless of how it looks. We certainly do need to find ways to finish games off and to not put our defense back on the field at the end of games. I don’t think we took a step back as a team today but I don’t think we took a step forward either. We’ve got time left in the season, so it is up to us as an offense to keep progressing forward.

It felt good for me to get involved in the game early in the first half. It gives you confidence as a receiver to get involved that much and that early. I feel like getting catches early gives me the chance to cause trouble for the opposing defense. Eli kept finding me early with some great throws. As the game went on, he made a couple of great checks as he saw what the defense was giving us. On our drive toward the end of the game, Eli saw they were running two high with the safeties wide. He checked to a double move and made a great throw that let me get a big gain for us.

We are glad to have another win - which now makes six straight. Even with such a long win streak we know we still have things to work on and that has been our focus in practice this week. It is the time of year for us to take big steps as a team so we are ready for a playoff atmosphere with just five games left. We’ve got some things to improve but I think this team is ready.

This week though, our focus is on the Steelers. They are a team with a great offense and solid defense. We have to be ready to give it our all as we face these guys this week.