blog / Have To Get Back On Track

We came in knowing everything was on the table and we didn't put our best foot forward. The good thing about it is we have five more games to correct it. It's unfortunate but you can't hold your head on it. We will go in, study the tape, and work on correcting mistakes for next week.

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It’s hard when you go out there and give it everything you have and still lose the game. I know we’re better than this. We came out flat and they came out fired up. They did a good job creating turnovers. They came out knowing what was on the line. We have to keep fighting and scratching for crumbs.

We need to come out with more. It’s a team thing. You win and lose as a team. I’m going to continue to give it my all every single day. We will get back on track. Adversity builds character and we will see what will happen now. We need to come out with more fight. We will play harder for the rest of the season. Got the Jets next at home so I know we will play harder and get back on track.