blog / Ready To Finish Strong

Had a good and much needed bye week. Got to spend some time with the family which is always very important to me. Now time to regroup on what we need to do to finish the season strong. We're looking to be playing football come January and know we are in control of our own destiny. Win every game and we are in. Very disappointing loss against the Patriots last time out, but all we can do is continue to learn and not make the mistakes twice. That includes my own play.

Having Hakeem back will be a great addition to the team and give us another weapon. Respect what he’s done in the game and I’m doing my best to learn as much as I can from him. He’s won a Super Bowl with this team so I know his presence will only benefit us.

 Grab my new Pom Beanie today!

We have a division game next against the Redskins and are focused on going out there and playing at our best. We have to win this game to stay ahead of our division. We are more focused than ever and want to finish each game strong. Everyone is on the same page and knows what needs to be done to.