blog / My Thoughts Week 9

It was a great team win. A win is a win. We just kept to our game plan and it worked out for us. We came together and really played hard until the last minute. We had some nice drives in the first half and could have played better in the second half but it worked out.

There’s still improvement that needs to be done, but it’s nice to be on top of our division and one step closer in the right direction. We have to focus on finishing games and taking it week by week. That will prepare us to be our best for the rest of the season.

Get my NEW gear for game day! 

It was great to have JPP back. His persona is something that can’t really be duplicated. He’s a voice in the room, regardless if he’s speaking or not. Just being able to have him back and him being a leader on this team, a guy who people look up to, is great. He played well out there and I can’t wait to see what else he will do for us.

We have the Patriots next at MetLife, which will be a tough game. We have to focus and not make easy mistakes. See yall out there.