blog / Week 5 Review

That win over the 49ers was a pretty big win for us. We were able to put a full game together, and we finished strong. It says a lot about this team. Coach said in the locker room, “It took every guy tonight. Every guy in order to secure the win.” I couldn’t agree more. People were stepping up big. They were putting themselves in new roles for the team. Everyone made an impact in their own way. This is a team game and it takes the whole team to get the W week in, week out.

Starting that last drive with 1:45 left on the clock we knew we couldn't afford to slip up again. As a whole offense we did well to drive down the field efficiently. Eli found Larry in the end zone which was a great play by both guys. We never gave up from the start of the game to the very end. This is one of those victories you will never forget. Eli really set the tone and led us throughout the game. I’m real proud of all my teammates and looking forward to what we continue to do out there together. That was a defining moment of our character. The offense understands that it's that time.

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Coming up we have a division game @ the Eagles. We know we are going to have a tough game. They are definitely on a high right now coming off of their win over the Saints. Their offense played good ball on Sunday. The Eagles have a lot of talented players that know the game. We know that we just have to keep playing our own game and we're confident in our ability to go there and get a result. Each game we play we connect more and more and it shows on the field. I can’t wait to go out there on Monday night and show them what we can do.