blog / My Thoughts | Week 5

Happy we got the 24-10 win over the Bills. We are really coming together as a team and clicking. Our defense did a phenomenal job. We held our ground and had great coverage. On offense, we had some great plays and our players stepped up to make big plays. Shout out Rashad for that touchdown play that really put the game away for us. I’m proud of our discipline on offense and defense. I’m real happy about our performance as a team but we recognize we have more work to do. 

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We face the 49ers next Sunday. They have a lot of talent and will definitely challenge us. They are known for their strength on defense but I anticipate a competitive offense as well. They haven't done as well as they will have wanted to this season but that provides more motivation for each next game. We'll make sure we are ready for them. Looking forward to us using the momentum off these past two wins to push through this next one. We have gained some confidence as a team and we need to keep going with it. We just gotta keep improving our play and learning from our mistakes after each game. This offense will get better with each game and that's a scary thought. We'll be putting in the reps in practice and studying film, and make sure we're ready for Sunday. #BigBlue hope to see you all loud and proud!