blog / To My Fans

I want to take some time to thank each and every one of you. Don’t know if you realize it but you have such a big impact on this team and you don’t go unnoticed. Yall give off such a strong energy, it's unreal. You all drive this team forward. When we hear your roar, it gives us confidence and backs up everything we're tryna do. Because of you it feels like we aren’t taking on our opponents 11v11 but more like 80,00 vs 11. Whether we are out in front or chasing a lead, we hear you all and it drives us to keep pushing till the final whistle.

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You are a constant reminder to keep pushing myself as hard as I do because I don’t want to let you down. Every time I train, condition, or play a game, I play for you guys. I have very big goals for myself and for our team and I know we will need your support to accomplish them. So thank you again for backing me up. Appreciate you.