blog / Have To Keep Improving

It was great to finally make some connections with Eli, even if they didn't end up counting. It's all about the chemistry we are building together. But there's so much we have to improve on. I have to make the play. It’s just one of those balls that I’ll be thinking about.

It’s time for this team to take another step forward. We have to stay focused; I just love playing ball and if they make a good play you tell ‘em good play and keep moving. It’s always a learning experience going up against a veteran like Revis. You can only become the best by going up against the best, and he is definitely one of the best corners in the league right now, so I'm glad to get those reps in against him.

Gear up for the Season Opener on Sept. 13th! 

I know the corners will be on me; I have to learn to stay connected with Eli even while having that intense pressure. People are going to talk, you’re going to talk, you get caught up in the game. It’s heat of the moment, things are going to get said, and after the game, all is forgotten. So we keep pushing. The Jets were good practice for what we should expect from opponents coming up. One thing we can't let happen is other teams wanting to win more than us. This is a hungry football organization and we always want to be the hardest workers on the field. We owe that to each and every one of you.

We have to look forward now to the Patriots, who are always a tough team. We have a long history with the Patriots. We are going to have to work hard and try to come up with some big plays. We hold the advantage with more wins during preseason (15-9) so hopefully we can keep that tradition going. We’re looking forward to this last preseason game but at the end of the day, it's meant to prepare you for Week 1 of the season so that will be our main goal.