blog / Royal Update

Friday was a tough one, we watched the film and now we are staying focused on learning from our mistakes. Plain and simple, we just need to play better. You can’t really hang your head on it, we just need to make sure we do things right and fix the errors in practice. We need to do better as a group. It’s a very tight competition between us, so we just want to push each other.

It was my first preseason game and I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was exciting to get back on that field. Truly a blessin' to be on the same field as my brother, Jeremy. It's always great seeing him and I wish him nothing but the best this season. We will always support and motivate each other.

Next up, we’ve got the Jaguars coming into our house for game 2. I’m hoping to get going a little quicker than last game. Looking to build some momentum with Eli and the receiving core. We will get a lot of good work in this week to prepare for the game.

Gear up for Preseason Game 2!

I'm feeling good about what we've been doing in practice, a lot of positives. Mentally, we are there and ready for this game. We also have a lot of young guns coming in on defense, and it’s important for them to get these reps and minutes in before the season starts. We just want to keep improving every time we step on the field.

See yall out there.