blog / Father's Day

Shout out to my Pops for Father’s Day, which is coming up quick. He’s been an inspiration to me my whole life and it’s truly a blessing to have had him in my corner throughout the transition into the NFL. It was special having him by my side throughout my rookie year. He’s helped me get to where I am at today and I am grateful for that.

I learn a lot from my Pops and I enjoy spending quality time with him. I want to make sure he knows how much I appreciate him and everything he has done for me. He’s made a lot of sacrifices that have contributed to my success and to where I am today.

It’s always good to show your Pops you appreciate him everyday but make it a priority on Father’s Day. It’s not always easy finding that gift for Dad, but if he is anything like my Pops, I know he will dig some fresh football tees. Got you covered with some OBJ tees found only on my site. Find them here.